Russian Empire Occupations In The Late 19th-Early 20th Centuries
Analysis of the First all-Russia 1897 Population Census

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You are now in the information system called “Russian Empire Occupations in the Late 19th-Early 20th Centuries. First All-Russia 1897 Census”.

The creation of the database was determined by the necessity to convert 1897 census occupation data into a handy research form that of statistical tables. The initial aim was to accumulate Russian Empire occupational data of all the published 1897 census results. However, it turned out that the work with disaggregated data was complicated especially in terms of analytical problems solution. As a result, the information system is based on a relational database providing both on-line access and opportunity of complex analysis at multiple information cross-sections generated by the system as well.

Besides statistical data on those occupied in different groups, the information system presents these data on interactive maps of the Russian Empire guberniyas (provinces) in the late 19th-early 20th centuries thus providing for dimensional analysis of the employment in certain regions. The information system can be of use to anyone interested in historical occupation studies, social history, economic history, labour relations development in the Russian Empire and all-Russia 1897 census.

The creation of the information system is supported by

  • Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research, grant # 15-06-07553 (2015-2016);
  • Russian Foundation for Humanities, grant # 11-01-00455а (2011-2013)

The information system presents data about occupations in cities, uezds (districts) and guberniyas (provinces) of

- European Russia;
- Siberia;
- Central Asia;
- Privislinskie guberniyas (provinces);
- Caucasus;
- Russian Empire as a whole.

Occupational data:

- in minor (65) and primary (390) groups;
- with family members;
- gender composition;
- ethnical composition;
- secondary employment;
- literacy of workers and servants.